SBID 1995 is the 1934 calibration observation for the SBID 1997 observation of the LMC.


The measurement set for SBID 1995 is stored here in the commissioning archive:



A summary of the measurement set can be generated by running:

mslist --full /scratch2/askap/askapops/askap-scheduling-blocks/1995/2016-09-04_072049.ms


provided your profile is properly configured to include:

module use /group/askap/modulefiles

module load askapsoft


For convenience, I have saved a hardcopy of the mslist output.


Additional meta data from the scheduling parset can be generated by running:

module load askapcli

schedblock info -v 1995

schedblock info -p 1995


As suggested by Ian, I also split (and averaged to 1 MHz) the visibilities for each beam, selecting only the scan where that beam was centered on 1934.

I did this with the script mssplit.job and copied the output to /group/astronomy856/askapdp/1995_avg

Note that each measurement set is only 19 MB so interactive inspection should be relatively painless.



I have written a bandpass plotter that is checked into the ACES subversion:



Note that if you do not have SVN access you can use Matthew Whiting's checkout of the ACES folder here:



This can be run with:

module load casa

casa -c [absolute path]/plot_caltable.py [additional arguments]

see -h option for more information and contact Josh with any issues


This example should be sufficient to plot the processBETA bandpass solutions:

casa -c ~/ACES/tools/plot_caltable.py -t calparameters_1934_bp.tab -s B